Protect your online privacy and data with one click

VPN or "Virtual Private Network" has been developed to make secure connections between computers or networks. A VPN tunnel is secure and grants integrity and confidentiality. Nobody can access or change the data traffic between the terminals from outside.

We want to show you how a VPN protects you from censorship, surveillance and more.

Unlimited access
Connect with as many devices as you wish with only one account!

Our Killswitch is a precautionary measure that provides additional protection.

Secure protocols for every usage
Whether you are surfing, streaming, or online banking - we offer the perfect VPN protocoll for anything you do on the internet.

Unlimited data volume
You're a Netflix junkie and you're worried that you run out of data volume while you’re binge watching? Since we fully understand your worries SpyOFF never limits your data volume.

No-Logs Policy
SpyOFF does not log any data about your usage behavior! As a result, you're even safe when servers are confiscated or data centers are monitored.

Leak Tests
The most common problems with VPN providers are the DNS- and WebRTC-Leak. These can reveal your true IP address. To prevent this, we have set up both a DNS leak test and a WebRTC leak test on our website. This way, you can be sure to be fully protected at all times!




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